view from north ferry ~ photo by sebastian quigley dunning

view from north ferry ~ photo by sebastian quigley dunning

We have all found ourselves in that moment when we ask, "Do I need to call an attorney?" 

It can be a little daunting.  You might wonder if you'll be charged a fee simply for making a phone call.

At the Law Office of Patricia Quigley, we understand what that feels like.    The following are some common scenarios you might be in where the question of "to lawyer or not to lawyer" may arise.  We are always happy to answer your initial questions or discuss concerns. 

I got a traffic ticket, can I just appear in court on my own?

I'm interested in making an offer on a house, should I call an attorney first?

I don't have anything in writing about who would care for my children in the event of my death.  How do I go about taking care of that?

Is creating a will and/or living will important if I am not old?

I'm becoming concerned about the future plans for my aging parent.  How should I proceed?

I want to rent the apartment over my garage to a friend of mine.  Do I need a lease?